Portland Empties Reservoir After Man Urinates In It

After a man relieved himself in a drinking water reservoir, the city of Portland is flushing all 38 million gallons down the drain. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The city of Portland is flushing 38 million gallons of drinking water down the drain because some knucklehead urinated in a reservoir.

Surveillance video shows three dudes skateboarding next to Mount Tabor Reservoir. All at once, one "genius" decides to relieve himself through the fence, straight into the reservoir. Then, he climbed over the fence with a buddy.

Apparently, they were so proud of their hijinks they decided to take a photo. Cops stopped them not far away and issued citations for trespassing and public urnination.

While it might seen exreme to drain the entire reservoir of all that water, officials insist they have no other choice.

David Shaff from the Oregon Water Bureau told INSIDE EDITION, "Our customers don't expect us to send them water that has human urine in it. So, we're going to dump the reservoir."

Some Portlandians think it's overkill. One resident said, "The geese do, the ducks do. What do you think they do when they need to go to the bathroom? Fly out? I don't think so. So, consequently, we're going to drain the water and act like it's a big deal."

While much of the West is dealing with serious drought conditions, Portland has water to spare.
No surprise, it's raining there today.

So, hopefully soon, Mount Tabor Reservoir will be replenished,  but this time with pristine water good enough to drink.