College Acceptance Brings Joy To Down Syndrome Student

While every high school senior anxiously waits to hear from the college of their choice, one student with Down syndrome got the news of his dreams. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It is the envelope that brings either happiness or heartache—the letter that tells students whether they've been accepted to the college of their choice.

So, what news did it bring for 18-year-old Noah Van Vooren, who was born with Down syndrome?

In a video posted online, he screamed with joy, "I got accepted! Yeah!"

It was a dream come true. Noah was so over the moon he pulled off his sweatshirt and did a victory pose.

Noah and his mom and dad, Kara and Todd Van Vooren, spoke to INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander about the big family celebration.

Kara said, “Everybody at my house wants to know if they come over with good news, if he's always going to take his shirt off.”

Like any good son, Noah didn't forget to thank his parents.

In the video, he said, "Dad, you rock! I love you!"

This wasn’t the first time Noah has given his family cause for joy.

Last year, Noah, the manager of his high-school football team outside Green Bay, Wisconsin, put on a helmet and uniform and took to the field. There was a hand-off from a team-mate and Noah took off toward the goal line. No one on the opposing team laid a finger on him. Then, the big finish, he scored a touchdown.

Now, another milestone in this young man's life.

His father told INSIDE EDITION, “What do you think of his T-shirt, too? Unstoppable. That's what we like.”

That's one happy freshman.