Will Chelsea Clinton's Pregnancy Impact Hillary's Possible Campaign?

INSIDE EDITION has the latest details on Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy and if it could impact her mother’s possible presidential run.

A pregnant Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky were spotted walking hand-in-hand in New York City last night.

INSIDE EDITION found Chelsea and her parents attending  the  premiere of her new documentary Of Many.

A reporter asked Bill Clinton if he was excited to be a grandfather. “Yes, I’m ecstatic,” he replied.

The baby will come home to a spacious $10 million apartment in Manhattan. Chelsea and  her husband moved into the luxury high-rise last year.

She broke the big baby news Thursday afternoon. In a statement she said, “Marc and I are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year.”

Almost as soon as the news came out, experts started speculating about the potential impact on Hillary’s expected run for the presidency.

Politico’s Alexander Burns told INSIDE EDITION, “There's never been a female politician of this stature in the US who is also a grandmother.”

Hillary is the heavy favorite to win the nomination should she  run with  69% of Democrats choosing her over Vice President Joe Biden. But the election isn't a lock by any means. 49% of Americans hold a favorable opinion of Hillary and 45% unfavorable. So being a doting Granny can only help those numbers.

“Now we're going to see her as a grandmother and for somebody who's thinking of running for president its hard to imagine a more sympathetic role than that,” Burns explained.