Swimsuits for Any Size!

INSIDE EDITION has tips that every woman should know on how to find a swimsuit that flatters you, no matter what your body type.

Want to know how to beat the heat this summer and look great in a swimsuit no matter what shape and size you are? 

"What you want to do is accentuate the positive and camouflage the area of concern," says fashion expert and editor-in-chief of NextIsland.com Katlean de Monchy. She revealed some tricks of the trade at New York City's Le Parker Meridien Hotel.

De Monchy says, "It's all about spandex, spandex really helps tuck you in in the right places and can make you look ten pounds thinner."

Ruth Naidus is a mother of two. The spandex in her vibrant pink one-piece bathing suit gives her tummy support and the texture enhances her smaller chest.

"This bathing suit is very flattering because it has shirring. Shirring are all the gathering that you see here so it creates the illusion of a fuller bust," de Monchy says.

"It just covers you in the right places," Ruth adds.

Ariel said she feels her bustline is too small. The fix? Add padded cups to the bikini top. The bold blue paisley pattern on Ariel's bikini, found at JC Penney, also helps give the illusion of a bigger chest.

And for bigger chested girls?

"Adrianna is our fuller-busted model and this ring triangle top is very flattering to her bustline," says de Monchy.

And model April would like a little smaller waist.

The solution?  "This is a tummy minimizer from Lands' End and I have to say it makes her look like a pinup."

April says, "I think it's fun, it's flirty and even on the inside I can feel the waist, I can feel it sucking in the tummy and that's important to me."