Ex-Fiancée Of Linda Cooney's Son Speaks About Her Ways

Linda Cooney is claiming self-defense after she shot her son. Now, his ex-fiancée is speaking to INSIDE EDITION about the woman that could have been her mother-in-law.

Karina Taylor is a professional mixed martial arts fighter known as “Hurricane Karina,” capable of downing opponents with a single powerful kick.

But she said even she was afraid of her future mother-in-law , Linda Cooney, who is now on trial for shooting her own son, leaving him paralyzed for life.    

In an exclusive interview with INSIDE EDITION, Taylor said, “Crazy! I thought she was absolutely nuts.”

Prosecutors said Linda Cooney shot her son Kevin in a fury over Karina because she didn't want them to get married. “Linda wanted me to know that she carried a pistol in her handbag and she had one on her at all times,” Taylor explained.

Taylor and Kevin met at a Halloween party. She told INSIDE EDITION that Linda did everything she could to sabotage their romance, including stalking her.

“One of the things that Linda Cooney called me was a ‘succubus’ which is a demon who eats people’s souls,” said Taylor.

Linda Cooney claims she shot her son in self-defense during a struggle and incredibly, Kevin is taking her side, testifying from his hospital bed. “I was just in a rage. I grabbed her by the throat. I punched her a whole bunch of times,” he said.

He even begged for Linda's forgiveness.

 Taylor said, “He's never going to walk again and have a normal life. How can you be sorry for someone who did that to you?”

Taylor said she doesn't believe Kevin ever attacked his mother. She says he's making up the story to save his mom from a long prison sentence. She says he told her a very different story, saying, “He said, ‘My mom and I were arguing and she pulled a gun on me and she shot me.”

Incredibly, it is not the first time Linda Cooney has gunned down somebody and claimed self-defense. She shot and killed her husband, millionaire Jim Cooney 22 years ago and was acquitted. The key defense witness back then was her son Kevin, who was 11 years old at the time. 

“I think she's absolutely crazy. I think that she got away with murder one time and I hope that some justice is served to her this time," said Taylor.