High School Student Suspended For Asking Miss America To Prom

Patrick Farves was suspended for asking Miss America, Nina Davuluri to his prom. INSIDE EDITION reports on the incident and the reaction pouring in from across the country.

The teen suspended for asking Miss America to prom is speaking out.

Patrick Farves told INSIDE EDITION, "This is all insane, it's all crazy."

Eighteen-year-old Farves was eager to have a gorgeous girl on his arm at the big dance. So, when he found out the reigning Miss America was coming to his school, he told his classmates he had a plan.

"I jumped up and pitched a joking idea like, what if I ask her to the prom. Everyone in the class took it more serious than I did and they were like, that would be hilarious, you should do that," explained Farves.

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Word got back to the school administration.

Farves said, "They pulled me aside and said, 'we heard about it. Just relax. Don't go there. Don't do it.' "

But, when the moment came, he rose at the school assembly to make the bold request and asked, "Will you go to prom with me?"

With cheers from his fellow students, Farves rushed to the stage with a plastic flower in hand. Then, he did a celebratory dance.

School administrators were not happy, saying he defied them.

"They said, 'The flower was okay. That was cute. But when you did the dance, that was just stealing her spotlight,' which wasn't my intent, I just did it," said Farves.

The school suspended him for three days.

Now, Miss America, Nina Davuluri is saying let it go, and expressed the hope that officials would "reconsider their decision." She said, "I was flattered by the gesture although I am unfortunately unable to attend due to my travel schedule."
On The View, Whoopi Goldberg said, "Do you want young people to actually pay attention to what you say, there has to be consequences. That's old school, I know. I don't care."

Julie Chen said on The Talk, "You know what? Here's a guy who knows how to go and get what he wants. He didn't hurt anybody, and I admire that."

And on the INSIDE EDITION Facebook page a resounding 92 percent said Farves should not be suspended. Only 8 percent said he got what he deserved.

Patrick says he'd do it all over again and has this message for Miss America, saying, "Thank you Miss America for being such a great sport about everything. It's awesome. Thank you so much!"