Father Recounts High-Speed Chase Involving Five-Year-Old Daughter

A five-year-old girl was caught in a terrifying high-speed chase. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the father who is happy to have his child back alive.

The video of a mom on a high-speed chase with police with her five-year-old daughter in the front seat with her shocked the nation.

Then, there was a hard-to-watch tug-of-war for the little girl between the mother and police. Today, exactly one week later, there's little evidence of the ordeal the little girl lived through.

No one was more upset than the little girl's father Louis Milos. In an exclusive interview with INISDE EDITION, Milos said, “I lost my breath, my stomach dropped to my knees.”

He had a relationship with the woman behind the wheel. They had Ahraya five years ago.

The girl’s mother, Aubrey Coy, only got to see her daughter once a week during supervised visits. On her Facebook page there are dozens of pictures of a happy mother and daughter. But behind the smiles, there’s a history of drug abuse and trouble with the law.

Milos told INSIDE EDITION, “I came home one day and found Aubrey smoking meth in my bathroom with my daughter locked in her room."

The couple split and Milos got full custody. It was during last Sunday’s visit that Coy took off with her daughter.

At one point during the chase, she can be seen pulling the little girl onto her lap. Police clocked her going 75 miles an hour. She stopped once and a sheriff’s deputy tried to grab the keys from the ignition but she sped off. Louis Milos was monitoring the action from the police station in Indiana.

Milos admitted, "I was scared. The worst possible scenarios entered my mind."

Police were able to flatten her tires. Coy then tried to flee on foot. And then there was a violent struggle as police tried to take little Ahraya.

Milos is now married to Melissa who is helping him raise Ahraya.

Seeing Ahraya today you'd never know the smiling happy child is the same little girl on that high-speed chase one week ago. She even knew that this past Sunday was supposed to be visiting day with mom.