Robin Roberts Says 'Everybody's Got Something'

Robin Roberts spoke to INSIDE EDITION about her inspirational new book, Everybody's Got Something, which details her triumphant cancer battle.

An emotional Robin Roberts fought back tears as she told INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander all about her triumphant battle to live—which inspired her inspirational book, Everybody's Got Something, which is hot off the presses today.

Roberts said, "Love got me through it. There were a number of people who loved me through a very difficult time; my girlfriend Amber, my sister, my brother, complete strangers!"

Alexander asked, "Was it therapeutic to write the book?"

Roberts replied, "Therapeutic? I cried a lot!"

And the title has a special meaning.

She said, "Everybody's got something! Not just a health crisis, people who are unemployed or their marriage is ending, relationships are ending—you know what your 'something' is!"

As everybody knows, her "something" was really something. She beat breast cancer only to be hit from out of the blue with a deadly bone marrow disease.

Roberts said, "I had no idea! I said to the doctor, ‘I have multiple sclerosis. M.S.?’ He said ‘No, no, M.D.S.’ I had never even heard of a bone marrow transplant!"

That was two years ago, and as the world watched, she bravely underwent the transplant that would save her life.

Alexander asked, "What was that like to go through that in front of the world?"

She said, "This is why I’ve had to wait! You think I’m weeping now? Try a year ago! People who just willed me, gave me the strength to be strong."

There's laughter along with Robin's tears. She did a little dance in the middle of our interview, knowing you can't take anything too seriously—even the title of her new book!

"Everybody's got somethin'! You got somethin'! You got somethin'! I wanted to name it "Everybody's got something'," she said.