Judge Tells Convicted Murderer 'I Hope You Die In Prison'

INSIDE EDITION spoke with the Michigan judge who lost it in court and told the convicted defendant, "I hope you die in prison."

One judge was so fed up in court that during the sentencing of a 31-year-old defendant who was convicted of stabbing her boyfriend to death, he said, “You’re going to shut your mouth or I’m going to have some duct tape put on it.”

She had the nerve to interrupt a victim’s impact statement. While an elderly family member was speaking, the defendant said, “Is that it?”

The family member replied, “When I’m finished, I will let you know."

That's when state circuit Judge John McBain in Michigan just lost it.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “People in the courtroom gasped at the victim cutting off an 80-year-old family member.”

Judge McBain said in court to the defendant, “Try it one more time and see what happens to your mouth. You got something else to say?”

“I'm good,” said the defendant.

Even the District Attorney was outraged, saying in court, "I have never had a convicted murderer stand before her court on the day of sentencing, laughing."

Camia Gamet stabbed her boyfriend a dozen times.

Judge McBain told INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd, “Rarely have I seen someone convicted of murder with less remorse and less respect for the court.”

McBain said something that stunned the courtroom, “You were relentless. You stabbed! You stabbed! You stabbed! You stabbed, until he was dead! I agree with the family, I hope you die in prison.”

Boyd asked the judge, “Did you go over the line?”

He said, “When people get sentenced with life without parole, they die in prison. I don't think there was a thing I said that was over the top."

Judge McBain is just the latest judge showing defendants who's the boss.

In one case, an 18-year-old made a big mistake when she gave a Miami judge the finger and spouted profanities.

The judge said, “Did you just tell me to go [bleep] myself? I find you in criminal contempt. Thirty days in the county jail!”

In the latest case, Judge McBain said he has no regrets for what he said in court, saying, “She will walk in the front of that prison and will be taken out in a coffin.”