Aftermath of Seattle Cop Who Punched a Girl

INSIDE EDITION has obtained new information on the story that shocked the nation of a Seattle police officer punching a teenage girl in the face after she had pushed him.

It's the punch that has everyone asking, did this cop do the right thing, or did he go too far?

To help answer that question, INSIDE EDITION has obtained video of the incident.

Seattle police officer Ian Walsh struggles to handcuff Angel Rosenthal, the 17-year-old he punched in the face. Police say it was all triggered by a clash over jaywalking that spiralled out of control. The passerby who shot the video, Ray Goulsby, can be heard questioning Walsh.

"Why did you hit her with a closed fist! You socked this girl," said Goulsby.

"Yes, I did," said officer Walsh.

"She's under age," said Goulsby.

"I don't care," replied officer Walsh.

"You don't care?" asked Goulsby.

"If she's gonna fight with me, I'll fight with her," said officer Walsh.

We showed the tape to Marc Lamont Hill, professor of Afro-American studies at Columbia University.

"He (the polic officer) has a right to defend himself, but what he cannot do is over-retaliate. He cannot repond to a push with a closed-hand fist to the mouth to a teenage girl. That's over the top," said Hill.

As Walsh is subduing the teenager, backup finally arrives and another cop steps in. The teen is finally cuffed and taken to a police car. Suddenly, the area is flooded with cops.

Rosenthal cracks what appears to be an ironic smile over the situation. Then another cop approaches the man with the video camera and asked, "How you doing, sir? Did you witness what was going on?"

"I did," said Goulsby.

He tells of the confrontation he caught on tape.

"Can we get a copy of that?" asked the officer.

"Not right now," said Goulsby.

Marilyn Levias, the 19-year-old who officer Walsh was scuffling with prior to the punch, has pleaded not guilty to charges of obstructing a cop. She had this to say on the way out of court, "Hi, mom, I'm on TV!"

A light-hearted moment in the aftermath of a not-so-funny incident that was also on TV, all over the world.

Authorities say that Rosenthal, who was arrested for investigation of felony assault, later apologized to officer Walsh in a face-to-face meeting held at a community center.