Doctor Says She Went To Heaven And Back

The movie Heaven Is for Real has stirred a national debate on life after death. INSIDE EDITION speaks with a successful doctor who says she went to Heaven and came back.

Debate is raging today over the hit movie Heaven Is for Real and the young boy who inspired it.

The picture is based on the life of Colton Burpo, who says that in the midst of a medical crisis when he was four years old he went to Heaven and came back.

On yesterday's INSIDE EDITION, prominent California pastor John MacArthur shocked everyone by calling the movie "a hoax."

MacArthur told INSIDE EDITION, "People don't die and go to Heaven and come back."

But now, another author who says she experienced Heaven is sticking up for the movie. Orthopedic surgeon Mary Neal was kayaking in South America when she was thrown into the water. She says she had a similar experience to young Colton.

Dr. Neal told INSIDE EDITION, "I thought the movie Heaven Is for Real was powerful and moving."

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "What happened? What did you see?"

"I was under water for a minimum of 15 minutes. Eventually, my spirit separated from my body and I rose up out of the water and I was greeted by a group of, people, spirit beings, I'm never sure what to call them. But they were overjoyed to welcome me and greet me," said Dr. Neal.

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She says she was sent back with a warning that her son, Willie, was not long for this life.

"My son, Willie did eventually die. He was hit by a car," she said.

Dr. Neal, who practices in Jackson Hole, Wyoming wrote a best-selling book, To Heaven And Back about her experiences.

She had this message for the naysayers who scoff at the Heaven Is for Real phenomenon when Alexander asked, "Dr. Neal, do you believe that Colton Burpo went to Heaven and came back?"

"I absolutely believe that Colton Burpo went to Heaven and came back," stated Dr. Neal.