Richard Gere Gets Pity With Homeless Role

Little did a kind-hearted woman know that the homeless man she gave a bag of food to was Richard Gere. INSIDE EDITION has details.

He looks like another homeless man on the streets of New York. But take a closer look. It's actually hearthrob Richard Gere, dressed like a bum for a new movie.


Now, look at this kind-hearted woman who hands him a bag of food.

It happened outside Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Gere is so convincing dressed as a vagrant that none of the thousands of commuters heading in and out of the station apparently recognized him. Gere even fished a burger out of a trash can.

When he was handed the bag of food, he actually stayed in character, smiled and said thank you, never hinting that he's the famous star of Pretty Woman.
Now, the search is on for the nice lady who never realized that that "bum" she took such pity on is worth $100 million.