Sleep Whisperers Are The New Sandmen

Having trouble trying to sleep at night? INSIDE EDITION spoke to popular sleep whisperers that have created online videos that help people doze off.

It's a new way of getting a great night's sleep that could spell hope for exhausted people everywhere. The phenomenon is called "Sleep Whispering."

Sleep whisperers make YouTube videos in which they speak in a soft, comforting voice. Sometimes they also make sounds that are supposed to lull people into a state of deep relaxation, like running their fingers over the cover of a book, spreading a deck of cards, or gently rustling a newspaper.

Videos of sleep whisperers at work are all over the internet.

Many people swear that sleep whispering cures insomnia, and helps lessen anxiety and depression. Sleep whispering videos are said to cause "a pleasurable tingling" sensation.

Ilse Blansert may be the world's most popular sleep whisperer. She even has her own YouTube channel with 16 million hits.

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She told INSIDE EDITION, "Personally, I think that watching videos is a lot better than taking pills and getting that in your system. You create a calm serene environment. Even I relax when I do it."

The day INSIDE EDITION hung out with her she was making a video featuring a pile of buttons.

There's another popular sleep whisperer, Andrea Warren, who makes her own videos after using sleep whispering to successfully treat her anxiety issues.

She said, "The best way I can describe the sensation is when someone is brushing your arm or gently touching your back or brushing your hair, that relaxation feeling, tingling sensation you get.”

So, will sleep whisperer videos work for you? Why not sleep on it?