Exclusive: Beyonce's Little Half-Brother Lives On Public Assistance

INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively to the mother of Beyoncé's half-brother, who has moved into public assitance housing after her child support payments were reduced.

An INSIDE EDITION exclusive—as Beyoncé's little brother and his mom seek assistance from a support group for homeless people so they won't have to live on the streets.    

Alexsandra Wright told INSIDE EDITION, "It's temporary housing so I can pay bills and get a job."

Four-year-old Nixon Knowles is the half-brother Beyoncé has never met. 

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Now, Nixon and his mom Alexsandra Wright have been forced to pack up and move out of a beautiful three-story home in Los Angeles because she can't afford it anymore. They now live on public assistance.

Alexsandra told INSIDE EDITION, "My white lie is that we are going on vacation for a little while."

She told our Jim Moret she's been called a gold digger, trying to get at Beyoncé's millions and much worse.

"I got over a thousand death threats last week alone," said Alexsandra.

Moret asked, "What for?"

"Because this article said that I blamed Beyoncé. Which again, let me say for the record, it's not her fault. I've never blamed her. I want the best for her. Everyone is in pain," stated Alexsandra.

Beyoncé's little brother is caught in the middle of a bitter war between his mom and Mathew Knowles, who's also Beyoncé's dad.

Forty-year-old Alexsandra is a former actress who appeared in a 2001 episode of the TV series Scrubs. She had an 18-month affair with Mathew Knowles, who was married for 31 years to Beyoncé's mother, Tina. When Nixon was born in 2010, a paternity test confirmed Knowles is the father.

The affair tore Beyoncé's family apart. Her mom filed for divorce and Beyoncé fired her dad as her manager.  

Alexsandra says she's shocked and angered that a judge recently granted Mathew Knowles' request to cut child support payments from $12,000 a month to $2,500 a month.  

"I'm in the middle of a fight for my son's rights," Alexsandra said.

She says Beyoncé's brother can't understand why he's being uprooted from a beautiful home that even has it's own fountain with goldfish.

"The amount of stress that it all causes. Children need stability," she said.

That's why she finally sought help from a homeless support group, which arranged for them to live in a trailer park outside Los Angeles.

INSIDE EDITION was there as Beyoncé's half-brother saw his new trailer home for the very first time, and the little guy saw it all as a great new adventure.

Alexsandra showed INSIDE EDITION the keys, saying, "I just got our keys to our new home."

The trailer has two bedrooms, two baths, and wall-to-wall carpeting. It may be simple and not up to the home they're leaving, but it's clean and safe.

Alexsandra showed Nixon the kitchen and he ran around having fun like any high-spirited four-year-old. 

She told Moret, "Not Beyoncé's fault. Don't hold her accountable. I hold the father of my child accountable."

But tears came to her eyes as she watched Beyonce's little brother play in the trailer he will now call home.