College Professor Badly Beaten Over Giving Bad Grade

A college professor says he suffered a brutal beating because he gave a student a bad grade. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the professor about the shocking incident.

It's a horrifying sight of a college professor has been brutally beaten, his nose broken, and his arm is in a cast.

Marc Magellan, who teaches music at a Florida college, was beaten to a pulp, apparently for giving a student a bad grade.  

Magellan told INSIDE EDITION, "The only explanation to me that makes any sense would be retaliation."

The professor was walking to his car on the campus of Miami-Dade College when he was called by name, then attacked from behind.

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"He immediately punched me and he continued to hold my shoulder and punch me as much as he could trying to get me down," said Magellan.

A second man drove a getaway car. Authorities believe the attackers may have been hired by a disgruntled student upset at the grade he got in music class. 

The brutal attack is sending a chill through campuses across America.  

Professor Magellan has a reputation as a tough grader. Comments on the website include:

"Do not take this guy."
"Stay away if you don't want to hurt your GPA."
"He is ridiculously difficult."

There are many positive comments too. And one of his students wrote "you are awesome" on his cast.

His mother, Marta, is a professor at the same college. She was horrified when she saw her son after the beating.  

"I was just numb. Numb is the word," recalled Marta.