Is Tori Spelling's New Reality Show A Fake?

Some claim Tori Spelling new reality show about her marital problems is a complete fake. INSIDE EDITION looks into the controversy.

Did Tori Spelling fake a cheating scandal to land a new reality show? That's what a headline is asking after the premiere of the new show, True Tori.

On The Talk, Sharon Osbourne said, "If she is making this up, its a terrible thing because I think every woman in America felt for her."

The show on the Lifetime network chronicles her problems with husband Dean McDermott, who comes across as a cheater and womanizer.

But the website says, "Many are now questioning whether there was ever a cheating scandal to begin with, or if this was all a machination by the financially-strapped couple to land a new TV show."

Here's the evidence: The so-called 'other woman' has been named as 28-year-old Emily Goodhand, from Canada. But no one can find Emily Goodhand.  

There is one woman named Emily Goodhand who lives in Canada, but she tweeted: "I've never met the guy nor know anything about him! How bizarre."

Jezebel says all this led to suspicions "that Emily Goodhand was made up."

There are other holes in Tori and Dean's story. Tori says after her husband confessed to the so-called affair, he entered rehab last Christmas. But typically on entering rehab, a patient's cell phone is confiscated and access to the internet is restricted.

Yet Dean remained active on social media all during Christmas right into mid-January, posting messages on his blog and tweeting Christmas season photos showing off his four kids.

Fake or not, Dr. Phil says Tori and Dean have no business airing their dirty laundry on TV.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked Dr. Phil, "Is having a reality show really the best way to fix your marital problems?"

Dr. Phil replied, "I would put it at the bottom of a long list of ways to fix your problems. I mean, come on, I don't think it's in her best interest or kids, either one."

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