Prince George Photoshopped For Magazine Cover

The adorable photo of Prince George is causing a stir over the image being altered for a magazine cover. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Has Prince George been photoshopped?

The nine-month-old is on the cover of the new issue of US Weekly magazine, but the image seems to have been altered.

The original photo, taken during the royal family's tour of Australia, is side-by-side with the cover of US. His cheeks are rosier. His lips pinker. His eyes greener. Even his hair is a touch blonder!

One Twitter reaction said: "Airbrushing a baby? Have we finally gone too far?"

"Utterly weirded out by US Weekly's photoshopping of Baby George," reads another.

Celebrities are used to being photoshopped. Remember how Demi Moore's hip was reduced for the cover of W magazine? And Zac Efron got an almost inhuman chiseled tricep on Men's Health.

But a nine month old baby? Really?

The folks at US Weekly magazine admitted that Prince George's image had indeed been altered, but for valid reasons.

The magazine said, "The original image used for the Prince George cover was dark and bluish in tone and needed to be given an overall color shift for printing purposes. By no means did we go in and alter the color of his eyes or cheeks in this process."

So there!