The Bachelor's Jake and Vienna Split

12 million people watched the Bachelor's Jake Pavelka propose to Vienna Girardi.  Now the onetime lovebirds are calling it quits.  INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.  

Twelve million people watched The Bachelor Jake Pavelka propose to Vienna Girardi.

But, just three months after this fairytale moment, the onetime lovebirds are calling it quits.

"Jake and Vienna have split." a rep for the couple confirms.  They "appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time."

The blonde vixen reportedly dumped Jake over the phone. And she has been photographed in recent days with actor Gregory Michael of the cable TV series Greeks.   

"I have a fond affinity for her," Michael told US Magazine, which is coming out with this cover story: "Vienna Cheated!"
Vienna fired back today on Twitter, saying "The accusations of me cheating are completely fabricated. 100% False."

Before their breakup, Jake and Vienna certainly weren't shy about being affectionate in front of cameras.

"Proposing to Vienna was the honor of my life," Pavelka said.

Vienna always sat in the front row to support her fiancé while he competed on Dancing with the Stars.  She looked heartbroken during his tearful goodbye after he was eliminated.

"Thank you for being so great to my beautiful fiancée Vienna," Pavelka announced.

But one person not so shocked by the split is Jake's ex girlfriend, Tanya Douglas.  She dated the handsome pilot for five months just before he signed on to become The Bachelor.  Back in March, she had this to say when INISDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked her about Vienna:
"Do I think she cares about him? Probably, he's very charming.  But she's being deceived as well," Douglas said.