Exclusive: Johnny Weir's Ex-Husband Victor Voronov Breaks Silence On Bitter Divorce

INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively to Johnny Weir's ex-husband, Victor Voronov, about their divorce that is still making headlines.

Johnny Weir charmed the world alongside fellow commentator Tara Lipinski during the Winter Olympics.

But behind closed doors, his husband says life with Johnny was apparently a nightmare, marred by infidelity and acts of violence.

Victor Voronov is speaking out for the first time about his relationship with the Olympic skater. He gave INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney a tour of the home they shared and opened up about their volatile marraige.

Watch Voronov's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

"I feel betrayed, heartbroken, shocked," said Voronov. "He's a very charming person, but conniving at the same time."

They tied the knot on New Year's Eve 2011 in New Jersey, where gay marriage is legal. Photos were taken on their honeymoon in Russia, where Voronov was born. But he says the marriage was all a lie, carefully orchestrated by Weir to juice up his Sundance Channel reality show.

Voronov said, "He's a publicity master. He knows how to get attention. Marrying me was part of that stunt."

Voronov shared some never-before-seen home videos with INSIDE EDITION. He says while Johnny can be loving, he has an explosive temper.

"He's a diva. If he doesn't get his way, he is not a pleasant person to be around. He vacuums four times a day. If I step on the carpet and ruin the lines in the carpet, I get yelled at. He fluffs the couch. If I sit on it, I get yelled at," said Voronov.

McInerney asked, "Did you live in fear of Johnny?"

"Always afraid of him. Yes, of course," he replied.

Voronov, a graduate of prestigious Georgetown University Law School says it came to a head over a silly little argument that suddenly turned violent. They were lying in bed. Johnny wanted to sleep, but Voronov was working on his laptop.

"He got so angry that he just attacked. He turned red and just attacked. He started kicking scratching and biting. He did get a good chunk of skin, a shark bite out of my arm," detailed Voronov.

A photo was taken the next day that clearly show teeth marks on Voronov's arm.

Police arrested Weir for domestic assault, but Voronov says he dropped the charges in an effort to save their marriage.

"I refused to file a report. They asked me at the police station to file the facts of the case. I refused to. I refused to testify against him," stated Voronov.

But the relationship was broken. Weir filed for divorce.

Voronov showed INSIDE EDITION one of Weir's closets. Weir had turned an entire bedroom into a closet.

"This is where he had all his furs. He has about 200 furs," explained Voronov.

He says Weir has about 1,400 pairs of shoes and a watch collection worth a quarter-of-a-million dollars. Showing McInerney a jewelry box, Voronov explained, "This was once filled with watches, each worth up to anywhere between $20,000, $50,000, $60,000, $70,000."

The watches are now part of a divorce battle that is sure to be one nasty fight.

"Will you ever get back together?" asked McInerney.

Voronov declared, "No. Not in a million years would I ever be able to trust him. Not in a million years."