Newlyweds Upset Over Real Life Wedding Crashers

INSIDE EDITION met with newlyweds who say that the couple that crashed their wedding didn't leave a subtle impression.

It was the wedding of their dreams until they realized a fun loving couple crashed their wedding.

In the movie Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn danced and partied away like there was no tomorrow.

Just like the movie, one couple was seen dancing up a storm and they were never without drinks in their hands. It wasn't until near the end of the wedding that the bride Krista Reilly realized, just who is this couple?

Krista told INSIDE EDITION, “We thought it was a funny joke. A funny memory where we can say, 'Oh, we had wedding crashers.'"

It was only weeks later that Krista and her husband, Andrew, realized the wedding crashers were all over their cherished photos and video.

Andrew said, “I would say a third of the photos and probably a third of the video has them in it.”

And the couple didn't just drink and dance, they played their roles to the hilt, saying in the wedding video, "We love you guys!" Congratulations! We love you! Good luck!" 

The crashing couple even had the nerve to sign a special bench the couple used instead of a guest book.

Andrew said, "Right on the bench, they signed it. That is pretty frustrating to me."

After a local Philadelphia TV station posted the video, Krista got a message on Facebook.

Krista said, “He said he had no ill intent. They were not there to steal anything or ruin anything. They just kind of came across a good party and wanted to enjoy it too."

Krista said she is willing to accept the apology, but has advice—please don't crash another wedding again.