Outrage Over Father Shoving Son Down Skateboard Ramp

A father is under fire after video shows him shoving his son down a skateboard ramp. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It was the tough-love shove seen around the world as a dad gave his six-year-old skateboarding son a kick down a ramp at a Florida skate park.

The dad, Marcus Crossland, was booted out of the park after this happened, and was said to be "remorseful."

Martin Ramos, who runs the skatepark, said, "I have never seen it like this in over 30 years of being involved. I have never seen a parent take it to that level."

Exclusive video from last year showed Marcus running a training session with his son, Dino, who falls to the ground. Another video showed Dino practicing and falling in the rain.

The video has gone viral, and many people are livid over it.

Jenny McCarthy said on The View, "I'm sorry! That's thirteen feet! You don't push him over!"

Psychologist Jeff Gardere told INSIDE EDITION, "Now, the only saving grace for dad is that he didn't kick him hard. He just kind of gave him a little bit of a kick, but it was enough to send his kid down the ramp. It is all very disturbing to me."

This isn't the first time we've seen tough-love dads in action.

One man who was having a catch with his stepson was caught on tape hitting the boy with a belt every time he dropped the ball. The stepdad was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and pled guilty to a misdemeanor.

A five-year-old boy was training for football by running alongside his dad's car in another video.

Another may be the toughest tough-love video of all, when the father of a four-year-old Chinese boy made him run in the snow in his underwear.

Now, this shove seen around the world. Is it tough love or just plain foolish?