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Attention Ladies! Prince Harry Is Back On The Market

After Prince Harry and his girlfriend broke up, women around the world are dreaming of becoming the prince's princess, including a group on a new reality show. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Now that Prince Harry is back on the market after he and his girlfriend of two years, Cressida Bonas broke-up, women everywhere are clamoring for a chance to make him their prince charming.  

But, who are the women that actually believed Prince Harry would go on a reality show to find his princess?

Twelve American women are part of the new Fox reality show I Wanna Marry 'Harry.' They had no idea their Prince Harry is actually a Harry look-a-like named Matthew Hicks.

So, have they been living under a rock? Who are the young Americans who are now the target of ridicule around the world for being naive enough to fall for the charade?

Meghan Jones is a 26-year-old artist from Dallas. She once dated Bachelor star Jake Pavelka.  The two became an item after his split from fiancée Vienna Girardi.

Anna Lisa Matias is a 24-year-old beauty pageant queen.

Maggie Toraason is a 25-year-old account executive. She lives in Chicago.

Carley Hawkins lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She's a 24-year-old instructional pre-med student. 

Chelsea Brookshire, Jacqueline Conroy, and Kimberly Birch are all models.

Karina Kennedy is a 25-year-old physical therapist who lives in Chicago. 

Those are some of the women who want to marry Harry—also called the most gullible women in America.