Dognapping Showdown: Woman Allegedly Steals Dog, Shaves It As Disguise

INSIDE EDITION speaks to the family who says a woman stole their dog and shaved it in hopes of disguising their beloved pet.

It was a furious showdown with a woman accused of kidnapping a dog. A family claims she stole their beloved family pet, then took an extreme measure to disguise him.

The family's father, Neil Haskett, videotaped himself confronting the woman, saying, "You stole our dog!"

"I didn't steal him!" declared the woman.

Neil told INSIDE EDITION, "She had shaven him completely bald."

That's right-she allegedly shaved the German Shepherd bald!

The dognapping drama started when Neil Haskett and his family went to visit a relative. Footage of them leaving the house was taken by Neil's surveillance cameras. Their dog, named Partner remained at home.

When the Hasketts returned, they found that the house had been broken into. Their beloved German Shepherd was gone.

Neil checked the surveillance cameras and saw video of a woman in a blue jacket approaching their home. She was caught on camera checking out the back door.

Seven minutes later, yet another camera caught the woman and a friend walking off with Partner the dog.

Tabatha Haskett said, "It's unbelievable that someone would break into our home and steal our dog."

The next day, as the family cruised the neighborhood looking for their pet, Neil says he spotted a woman walking a dog that looked just like Partner. The police were called. What happened next was an angry showdown.

The woman declared, "I got it from Pet Safe!"

The woman insisted the dog was hers, saying, "Are you gonna do this in front of the police? Are you that stupid? Shut your cake hole!"

But Neil says he and his wife and kids were certain it was Partner, except his fur had been shaved.

"You cut his hair off so we couldn't identify him!" said Neil.

"He was infested so bad!" she shouted.

Neil told INSIDE EDITION, "We believe she was shaving him to conceal his identity or to find out if he had tattoos or if he was microchipped."

A vet checked the dog, who did indeed have a microchip. It showed the pooch was Partner.

Partner is now being showered with love at the family home in Canada. And now that his coat is slowly growing back, he's looking more like his old self.

She reportedly says she took the dog because she thought it was being abused, but she denies breaking into the home.