Donald Sterling's Son Shot Best Friend, Escaped Charges

Donald Sterling's son, Scott shot his friend during an argument inside Sterling's mansion, but faced no charges of attempted murder. Did money play a role? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Did disgraced billionaire Donald Sterling use his wealth and connections to stop his son from being charged with attempted murder?

Philip Scheid was a close childhood friend of Scott Sterling in Beverly Hills. Scheid told INSIDE EDITION, "Boom! First shot goes off. And then, boom! A second shot hits me."

They were like brothers.

In 1999 Scott Sterling was dating actress Lindsey McKeon, then just 17 and a rising star in the sitcom Saved by the Bell, The New Class.

He says when Lindsey dumped Scott, the billionaire's son flew into a jealous rage, grabbed a shotgun, and accused Philip of stealing his girl. 

The violent confrontation erupted inside the gates of the Sterling's Beverly Hills mansion. Scott claims that his childhood friend charged at him with a knife and says he shot him in self-defense. But police had no doubt that Scott Sterling shot his friend from behind as he was trying to get away.

For the first time in 15 years, Philip Scheid returned with INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret to the place where he was shot.
"First boom, I was pretty much at the gate. Second boom, I got hit right here," said Scheid.
Shotgun pellets ripped through the back of his legs.

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A 1999 investigation by Beverly Hills police concluded: "There is overwhelming justification for filing a criminal case against Scott Sterling." It added that "No rational person" could possibly believe Scott Sterling's claim of self-defense."

Apparently, prosecutors disagreed. No charges were ever filed.

Moret asked, "Scott actually claims this was self-defense."

"Ridiculous," declared Scheid.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Clippers owner was a major contributor to the re-election campaign of then District Attorney Gil Garcetti. He also claimed to be friends with high-ranking police officials.

The District Attorney's office has denied any favoritism was shown towards Sterling.

That wasn't Philip Scheid's only tragic brush with the Sterlings. In 2005 his sister, Cheryl, was left paralyzed after a fall at a party where Scott Sterling was later accused of distributing drugs.

Scott died from a drug overdose at a beachfront apartment in Malibu last year. He was 32.

Philip says he's not surprised by Donald Sterling's latest scandal, saying, "It was the norm for Don, in my opinion. He always had these girls, always."