Friend Details The Humble Roots of V. Stiviano

INSIDE EDITION spoke to V. Stiviano's close friend, Karrine Steffans about the humble roots of the woman who would eventually bring down L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

V. Stiviano wants everyone to know just how good she's got it. She drove off in her Ferrari for the entire world to see while still wearing her over-sized sun visor. She was also seen carrying a $80,000 Hermes Crocodile Birkin bag.

The fashionable 31-year-old who brought down billionaire Donald Sterling has come a long way from her very humble beginnings. She used to live in a scruffy bungalow in a hardscrabble neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas.

She moved to Los Angeles as a teenager. She went to the same Los Angeles high school as Donald Sterling and his wife, Rochelle, albeit 48 years later. Back then, he was Don Tokowitz.

Her yearbook picture is a far cry from the sexpot she would become. Some are suggesting that she had extensive plastic surgery.

Stiviano’s friend Karrine Steffans told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "I have heard she has had plastic surgery. Even members of her family have made comments about her nose as if it is not her original nose. So, she may have had plastic surgery in the past."

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Stiviano met Donald Sterling at the Super Bowl in 2010 and went to work for him as his 'archivist.' But, Steffans says Stiviano was more like a servant to the basketball tycoon, satisfying his every whim.

Steffans said, "She mentioned that there were times where he would call her two, three, four-in-the-morning, wanting something to eat in particular. Her duties stretched from being an executive in his organization to being his personal assistant. Whether it was being a gopher for him, whatever he needed from her, she was his right hand, so she would be available to him night and day."

Their relationship imploded in March when Donald Sterling's wife, Rochelle, sued Stiviano, accusing her of swindling Sterling out of millions, "Engaging in conduct designed to target, befriend, seduce  wealthy older men."

Moret asked Steffans, "Do you believe that if these tapes were made in April, after the court case is filed, would that be for insurance or revenge?"

She replied, "I would want to say insurance and leverage. I think leverage is important here. I would want to secure my safety as a person, knowing someone was out to get me. The Sterling's were out to get her."