Three Generations Of Bikinis

INSIDE EDITION caught up with three generations of women who are proud to strut their stuff in a bikini, no matter their age.

Call them the Three G's—that's G as in Generation! That's right, three generations of bikini-clad beauties, all in one family.

Twenty-one-year-old Madeline is a nursing student. Her mom, Gwen, looks amazing at 47, and grandma Barbara? She's 70, and a recent runner up in a Ms. Senior California pageant.

Madeline says, "She looks amazing so she might as well strut it."

Gwen said, "It's a great inspiration to me to keep myself healthy in every way so that as I age, which is happening faster, I can continue to look like this!"

INSIDE EDITION gathered three generations of women from all over the country to show that confidence and fitness can begin at any age and stay with you for a lifetime, down through the generations. 

Meet 16-year-old daughter, Lizzie. Her mom is Lana. Would you believe she's 44? And grandma Alla is 73. They live in bikini-friendly Las Vegas.

Outside Washington D.C. three generations include daughter, 27-year-old Lolly, mom Mary is 47 and grandmom Patti?  She's proud to wear a bikini at any age.

If you think three generations of bikinis is something, back in California the 4th generation is waiting in the wings. Three-year-old Michela's great grandma is the 70-year-old bikini-wearing Barb. Go Barb!