Elderly Lady Finds Chivalry in Form of Human Chair

INSIDE EDITION has the story of a Good Samaritan who turned himself into a human chair so a 79-year-old woman could sit while they were stuck in an elevator.

Here's a story about an elevator that's guaranteed to lift your spirits.

It began when 79-year-old Rita Young, whose fragile back makes it hard for her to stand for long periods of time, got on an elevator in Tampa, Florida with young Cesar Larios who works for a moving company.

Suddenly, the elevator got stuck and she panicked.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "They said it will be 40 minutes before they could get here to fix the elevator. I said, ‘I can't stand for 40 minutes! I won't be able to stand!’ He put his arm out and said, 'You'll be all right."

Watch What Else Young Told INSIDE EDITION

How's this for ingenuity—Larios got down on his hands and knees and made himself into a human chair for her.

He said, "That was the first thing that popped to my mind. She needs to sit. I have a very good back, sit on my back!"

A photo of the human chair and his fragile friend has gone viral to the surprise of both of them.

Rescuers got the elevator doors open after half an hour.

"They opened the doors and that's what they saw, me sitting on his back,” she said.

She was thrilled to meet his mom, and thanked her for teaching her son to always do the right thing.

Young told his mother, "You did a good job raising your son."

His mother said, "Thank you so much."

Young said, "He kept me calm, I was shaking. I’m so happy you had him."

His mother replied, "Me too!"

So, a big-hearted guy brings new meaning to the word "chair-man,” and his new friend is forever grateful.