Real or Fake, Prince Harry Stirs Up A Buzz

While the real Prince Harry captures the attention of Memphis, the fake royal bachelor causes a buzz of his own on TV. INSIDE EDITION has details.

The fake Prince Harry who dupes 12 gullible American women in the controversial reality show I Wanna Marry 'Harry' is speaking out.

His name is Matt Hicks and he poses as the world's most eligible bachelor as a bevy of beauties compete for his heart. They're apparently not smart enough to see that he's not really the famous carrot-top royal.

Hicks told INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Recano, "I started to feel bad about lying to them," said Hicks.

Recano asked, "Did you feel bad about duping the women?"

"At one point, yeah. At the start it was fine because everything was a little white lie and I could flirt and joke around with all of them and divert attention. But as the women left the show and there were fewer of them there, I got more attached to the ones that were left."

Watch INSIDE EDITION's Interview with Hicks

Matt Hicks became a professional Prince Harry look-a-like when he was in college, but he still went through rigorous training for his TV reality role.

"I learned how to play polo, horse ride, ballroom dance, etiquette lessons, the whole shebang," explained Hicks.

He says he wasn't surprised that the girls fell for his fake Harry routine, saying, "You've got some of the girls going, 'Oh my God, it's Harry!' And I had not expected their reaction."

Meanwhile, the Southern Belles are out in force as the real Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, take the city of Memphis by storm.  

The royal brothers are in the U.S. for the wedding of their playboy buddy to Lizzie Wilson, the granddaughter of the founder of the Holiday Inn chain.

They feasted on classic Memphis barbecue at Rendezvous, a popular downtown restaurant, and you bet every southern gal in sight is trying to catch Prince Harry's eye, only this one's the real one.

"He seems like a pretty down-to-earth, normal guy," said Hicks.