Fake Prince Harry Dupes An Entire City

INSIDE EDITION was with the faux Prince Harry, Matt Hicks, as he tricked the city of Memphis making them think he was the real Harry.

It was absolute pandemonium as "Prince Harry" took the city of Memphis by storm. He even needed police protection as fans swarmed the redhead.

It wasn’t even the real prince. It was Matt Hicks, the carrot-topped royal lookalike who dupes 12 gullible American women in the controversial Fox reality show I Wanna Marry ‘Harry.’ This time, he fooled an entire city!

INSIDE EDITION was with ‘Harry,’ make that Matt,  from the very start of his day in Memphis. The moment he hit the hotel lobby, he was under siege for pictures and autographs.

Watch the Fake Prince Harry Cause Chaos in Memphis

Then, it was off to Sun Studio, where the King of Rock 'N' Roll recorded many of his hit songs.

One girl told our cameras, “I'm really excited! I wouldn't imagine he'd be in Memphis!"

Actually, the real prince and his brother, Prince William, were in another part of Memphis, at a friend's wedding.

Yet, fans were jumping up and down just to get a glimpse of the fake Harry in a restaurant, and when he tried to stroll down legendary Beale Street, things really got wild.

Matt said, "It turned into a frenzy! Within seconds, I couldn't move, couldn't walk down the street!"

So, the fake prince learns that royalty can be a royal pain.  

He said, "It was quite scary. I'm thankful I'm not the real guy!"