Michelle Knight Responds To Joan Rivers House Of Horrors Joke

Cleveland House of Horrors victim Michelle Knight spoke to INSIDE EDITION about Joan Rivers’ joke that sparked an uproar, but Rivers is defending herself.

Joan Rivers is not backing down. The comic legend refuses to apologize for that crack about the three captives held for a decade in the Cleveland House of Horrors.

Rivers told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "Why would I apologize to anybody? Nobody died, thank God. The man got caught. Move on!"

Speaking on The View, Rivers said, "I would not make fun of someone if their life ended tragically. It was a damn joke, calm down!"

Now, we are hearing exclusively from victim Michelle Knight. She spoke to INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander, saying, "I really don't let it bother me, because a lot of people are going to say stupid comments."

This is the joke Rivers told on the Today show that first got her into so much hot water, "Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space. It is just the worse."

Rivers told Trent, "It is just so silly. We are comics and we make jokes, that is why God put me on Earth, to make people laugh. We are laughing now, too bad."

Now, Norwegian Cruise Lines is cancelling an upcoming appearance by Rivers on an Alaskan cruise ship, saying it found the joke just too offensive.

Trent asked Rivers, "Are you surprised they cancelled your appearance?"

Rivers said, "I am in shock!"

But in true Joan Rivers style she turned it into a joke, saying on The View, "The Norwegian can do very well without me, they wake people up to the theme from Titanic."

Meanwhile, Michelle Knight has this to say, "A lot of people are going to say stupid comments. The best thing to do is not to feed the fuel to her fire and just let it go."