Family Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide In James Blake's Mansion

Authorities are investigating a family's death in the rented mansion of James Blake. Could it have been a murder-suicide? INSIDE EDITION reports.

The just-released 911 call has been released that was made as a mansion goes up in flames, wiping out a family

Caller: "The house is engulfed in flames! I was walking my dogs and as I walked by, the house exploded!"

A neighbor was hysterical as she realized the family must be trapped inside.

Caller: "It's probably a husband and a wife and two or three kids. Oh you've got to hurry, please!"

On the surface, the Campbell family had it all. One neighbor tearfully said, "The daughter was beautiful and her parents were great people. It's just sad that it happened."

Adorable 16-year-old Megan and her hunky 19-year-old brother, Colin, were stand-out students at an exclusive private school in Tampa. Megan had just made the Dean's honor roll.

Colin played on the school baseball team, and he really could play.

Police say the fire at the multi-million dollar mansion was set deliberately with an accelerant and, of all things, fireworks.

At a press conference, Col. Donna Lusczynski of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department said, "There were also various fireworks, small commercial fireworks throughout the residence. We also have confirmed that the fire was started intentionally by an unknown accelerant."

According to one shocking report, the victims had "heavy duty fireworks wrapped around their heads." It's a sickening thought. Who could have done such a thing?

The owner of the house is none other than James Blake, the well-known tennis pro. He lives in Connecticut but rented the mansion to the Campbell family for the past two years.

Dad, Darrin Campbell, was once an executive at PODS, the shipping container company, but was currently unemployed.

There has been some speculation that Campbell had fallen on hard times and that the tragedy may have been a murder-suicide. Campbell was reportedly seen buying fireworks on Sunday.