Fraternity Row Is Comedy in 'Neighbors,' But Nightmare In Real Life

Seth Rogen's new film Neighbors finds comedy in a couple that's living next to a wild fraternity house, but INSIDE EDITION found one man who says it’s not funny in real life.

It's the new movie, Neighbors, where a young couple's new neighbors turn out to be 50 hard-partying college fraternity boys. Poor Seth Rogen doesn't know what to do.

If you think that having a frat house as a neighbor-from-hell is just a plot line for a comedy, guess again! Because the folks who live along fraternity row at the University of California at Berkeley say their real-life nightmare was no laughing matter.

Paul Ghysels' house is sandwiched in between two Berkeley frat houses and he says the wild partying scenes from Neighbors are nothing new to him.

A frat party around the corner from his house, just a few nights ago, had hundreds of college kids spilled out onto the sidewalk celebrating Cinco de Mayo, laughing and making noise into the wee hours of the morning. People playing beer pong, and a guy urinating were part of the scene.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "Do they throw bottles and cans?"

Ghysels replied, "Oh constantly. Condoms, used condoms are always flying into the yard."

There are three dozen frat houses in the area and Ghysels has been in litigation over the fraternity frenzy for four years.

Moret asked, "When you filed a lawsuit, did you get death threats?

"Yes,” he replied.

Moret then asked, "Serious death threats?"

“Yes,” he affirmed.

Ghysels posts videos from his own security cameras on a website called He says he knows for a fact that the movie-makers behind Neighbors went on his website for inspiration.

A clip from his surveillance cameras a few years back featured him calling the cops.

Ghysels told police, "Yes, I’ve got people breaking into my house. My name is Paul Ghysels, please send somebody here."

The police replied, "What do you mean breaking in?"

He said, "They're on my roof, trying to break in the back door!"

But believe it or not, Ghysels says he's glad funnyman Seth Rogen is starring in a comedy about his real-life nightmarish predicament, rather than a drama. Why?

He said, "If this were a serious movie and it showed my story, nobody would come to it! Being a comedy, people will."

And he wants the world to know what it's like to live next to fraternity row.