Father Seen Buying Fireworks Prior To Murder-Suicide Fire

Authorities have declared the fiery death of a family of four a murder-suicide. INSIDE EDITION has surveillance video of the father buying fireworks before the tragedy.

Shocking just-released surveillance video showed a business executive buying a shopping cart filled with fireworks days before he slaughtered his wife and two children.

Darrin Campbell was wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and flip-flops when he bought $650 worth of fireworks at a store near Tampa. He was shopping at his local branch of the national chain Phantom Fireworks.

Store manager Rocky DiRoma told INSIDE EDITION, "In regards to the purchase, it consisted mainly of aerial items, rack shots, mortars, reloadables, nothing out of the ordinary."

Darrin signed a standard form at the store to say he would not use the fireworks for terrorist purposes.

Just three days later, the multimillion dollar mansion he was renting was burned to the ground. The bodies of Darrin, his wife Kimberly, and two teenage children, Colin and Megan were found inside.

They had been shot dead and those fireworks he bought reportedly were tied around the victims' necks. Police have now officially classified the tragedy as a murder-suicide.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Donna Lusczynski said a press conference, "Darrin Campbell systematically shot his son, his daughter, his wife in the head. He then placed fireworks throughout the residence, used an accelerant to assist in lighting the fire. Lit the fire and then shot himself."

The slain children's grandfather, Gordon Lambie, said "It's a tremendous loss. It’s just hard to explain"

He paid a special tribute to his 19-year-old grandson Colin, saying, "I suspected he would end up in pro baseball. He was a good kid. He was a handsome young man."