Johnny Manziel NFL Draft Pick Wait Goes Viral

Social media lit up when Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel wasn't getting picked in the NFL draft. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Johnny Football has a new nickname: Johnny Freefall.

The buzz at the NFL draft at New York's Radio City Music Hall was the agonizing wait for Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel to be chosen.  

Many believed he'd be the first pick, but Johnny Football was forced to wait nearly three hours on live TV looking increasingly nervous, adjusting his collar, drinking water, as team after team said thanks, but no thanks.

Twitter went crazy, with one wiseguy creating the hashtag #BeforeManzielGetsDrafted leading to cracks like this:

"Republicans and Democrats in Congress will agree on something #beforemanzielgetsdrafted"

And, "Donald Sterling will host a civil rights rally #beforemanzielgetsdrafted"

WFAN Sports radio personality Joe Benigno told INSIDE EDITION, "Last night that happened to be the trendy thing. 'Hey, let's get on Johnny Manziel, he's not going in the Top Five here. He may not go in the first round.' "

At 10:43 p.m., Johnny Football's free fall finally ended. Cheers filled Radio City as the Heisman Trophy winner hugged his mom and gorgeous girlfriend, then swaggered onstage making his trademark "money" gesture to be congratulated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. 

Johnny Football said he wasn't bothered by his free fall, saying, "I'm gonna pour my heart out on the field for this city and it's all gonna work out."