Lacey Wildd's Daughter Fed Up With Mom's Plastic Surgeries

INSIDE EDITION was there as mom, Lacey Wildd prepared to undergo yet another plastic surgery procedure, and this time her daughter has had enough.

Tempers flare between a mother and daughter over mom's decision to get more plastic surgery.

It's a touchy topic. This mother of six has already undergone 35 plastic surgeries. She earns a living making public appearances, and her over-the-top figure causes a scene everywhere she goes, even in shopping malls. Her college sophomore daughter, Tori has had enough.

Mom, Lacey Wildd told Tori, "I'm not going to fight with you. This is what I'm doing and I'm just letting you know."

Tori replied, "Then, if you don't want to fight with me, then don't talk to me about it. I don't want to hear about it. I don't want to see you. I don't care."

"I'm telling you I'm gonna get it because I want it, number one," said Lacey.

"Okay fine. Then don't expect me to talk to you. Don't expect any of us to talk to you," stated Tori.

"Okay, fine," said Lacey.

Tori said, "I would understand your risking life because you had a tumor. But your risking your life just because you want to look better? Everything's been for yourself. It's never been for us, ever."

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Lacey Wildd started out as an A cup and underwent a staggering 12 breast augmentations to reach a size triple L. Now, at 46, she wants a bigger butt. She also wants to fix her eyes and her nose, noting, "I want to be the adult Barbie, like the extreme Barbie."

"The whole Barbie thing is very immature," said Tori.

Eleven-year-old Brandon and eight-year-old Jenaveve aren't thrilled either.

And mom has another surprise in store—a custom-made mattress with large indentations cut out.

Tori asked, "So, you're going to put your boobs in that thing?"

"I'm so excited, yeah!" exclaimed Lacey.

After the butt surgery, Lacey is going to have to sleep on her stomach, and if she rolls over, her butt fits perfectly.

Lacey said, "Actually, this is really comfortable."

"You are such a weirdo," declared Tori. "I don't want her to look any more plastic."

Lacey hugs her kids before leaving for surgery, saying, "You're going to come see me when I get out of surgery tomorrow. I may look a little scary."

At Bal Harbour Surgery Center outside Fort Lauderdale, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer begins marking Lacey's body for surgery. First, liposuction removes fat from Lacey's tummy, her back, arms and legs. Next, Dr. Salzhauer fills giant syringes with Lacey's fat and literally injects four pounds of it into her butt.

Dr. Salzhauer explained why he feels comfortable performing these latest procedures, saying, "I don't think she falls into the category of somebody who's addicted, per se, only because of the line of work that she's in. But if she was just a normal housewife and mom, I would look at that and say that might not be healthy for her."

Next, it's time to trim away fatty skin from her eyes, and fix her nose.

Six hours later, Lacey is wrapped in a full body girdle. She was trembling, which is a normal post anesthesia reaction. Lacey is wheeled from the O.R. And later that day, her kids come to visit her. Tori told INSIDE EDITION, "It's just scary. I hope she can open her eyes."

Lacey's 26 year-old son, Silas comforted his mom, saying, "You really, really did it this time, mom. We have to suffer through the consequences of this with her."

With mom in recovery, Tori is putting their battle aside, for now, asking, "Are you ok, mom?"

Lacey replied, "Uh huh."