Cat Owner Loves His Cat From Hell

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Kai Dunn, the owner of a cat named Bon Jovi who is causing a stir on the internet thanks to videos of the feline's attacks.

It's the cat from hell! Videos of a crazy feline attacking his owner are going viral with almost one million views in just five days. The cat's name is Bon Jovi, just like the rock band and he sure does give love a bad name.

Kai Dunn is on the other side of the vicious attacks.

Watch Bon Jovi Attack Dunn During His Interview with INSIDE EDITION!

INSIDE EDITION spoke to 18-year-old Dunn, who was holding Bon Jovi during the interview, and the cat attacked without any reason.

Dunn said, “See, I don't have to do anything, he just kind of attacks.”  

And the cat was on the attack throughout our entire interview. No one is sure where the bad behavior comes from.
Dunn said, “I don't know, it's just kind of funny, I’ve always loved Bon Jovi's personality ever since he was a little kitty, and he hasn't changed."

Dunn has scratches on his neck and chest. He even started bleeding during our interview.  

But he has no plans to get rid of his crazy cat, saying, “Bon Jovi is currently our only cat right now and I think this will be our last cat for now.”