Karl Rove Sparks Uproar, Questioning Hillary Clinton's Mental State

Hillary Clinton's camp is firing back at Karl Rove's suggestion that she suffered brain damage from a fall she took in 2012. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Was the fall that Hillary Clinton suffered at her home back in 2012 more serious than anyone realizes?

Republican mastermind Karl Rove said those glasses that Hillary wore after the fall for blurred vision suggest that something may be seriously wrong.

"This was a serious deal," said Rove. "We don't know what the doctor said about, you know, what does she have to be concerned about. We don't know about, but she's hidden a lot."

Appearing on Fox News on Tuesday, Rove denied that he ever said Hillary may have suffered brain damage.

Fox News' Bill Hemmer asked, "How did this comment come up suggesting the Hillary Clinton may suffer from brain damage? Where did that come from?"

Rove replied, "No no no. Wait a minute. I didn't say she had brain damage. She had a serious health episode."

Rove says says questions about Hillary''s health are legitimate if she is planning a run for the White House.  

"This will be an issue in the 2016 race whether she likes it or not. Every presidential candidate is asked for their health records," said Rove.

Hillary's staff fired back, stating: "Karl Rove has deceived the country for years, but there are no words for this level of lying. She is 100 percent. Period."

White House spokesman Jay Carney had this take on Rove's comments, saying, "Here's what I would say about cognitive capacity, which is that Dr. Rove might have been the last person in America on election night to recognize and acknowledge that the president had won reelection."