Inflatable Bounce House Goes Airborne Injuring Children Inside

A shocking photo captured an inflatable bounce house going airborne while two children were inside. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the people who took the shot.

A terrifying photo showed the potential danger of bouncy houses. An inflatable bouncy house was lifted into the air with two little boys playing inside.  

The 911 call was heart stopping as the dispatcher said: ‘Playset that tipped over onto two children, five and six years of age. Unknown if breathing. One child apparently is in the road.”

It happened in South Glen Falls, New York. Teenager Emily Boucher took the photo and spoke to INSIDE EDITION with her mom.

She said, "At first we thought it was a kite, because it looked kind of small, but as we got closer we saw it was a bouncy house.”

Hear More From Boucher and Her Mother

This isn't the first accident involving those bouncy rides that kids love. One inflatable slide was blown high into the air in Oceanside, New York in 2011; 13 people were injured.

A sudden wind storm in Florida blew a bouncy slide end-over-end as people ran to get out of the way.

And one bouncy slide went tumbling down a beach, fortunately nobody was hurt.

Another bouncy house went airborne at a car dealership in Texas and went across a highway.

So just how can these bouncy rides go airborne? INSIDE EDITION found out by setting one up with amusement safety expert Ed Pribonic.

After anchoring all four sides according to the directions, a wind machine hits 70 miles per hour, the castle tipped over and released itself from the anchors and went kart wheeling across the park.

Now, there's another new shocking photo of what can happen when a bouncy house goes from being a fun ride to a terrifying nightmare.