Magic Johnson Calls Donald Sterling 'Delusional'

Magic Johnson speaks about Donald Sterling's racist rant involving Johnson. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Magic Johnson is taking the high road as he responded to the shocking insults from embattled Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Johnson said, “Just take the money and go and enjoy your life."

In his interview with Anderson Cooper, Donald Sterling said, "What has he done? Magic Johnson, what has he done?"

Cooper replied, "Well, he is a business person."

Donald fired back and said, "He's got AIDS!"

Johnson is now commenting on Sterling's comments, saying, "We can't have this type of action in our league. The problem is he is living in the stone ages. He wants us to play for him, but he doesn't want us in the stands. He wants us to help him win championships, but he doesn't want us in the stands.”

CNN's Anderson Cooper asked Johnson about the theory Donald Sterling is suffering from dementia—something Donald's wife talked about on the Today show.

Johnson begs to differ, saying, "He seems like he is all there. In your interview, he is a guy that is making conversation. He is a guy that remembers times, dates. I mean, he remembered when I came to his beach house and that was 35 years ago!"

Johnson also responded to Donald’s claim that his players still love him.

Cooper said, “He says that the players genuinely love him and they have just been pressured by the media."

Johnson shockingly replied, “Really? Well, now he is delusional.”

The slogan, "We Are One," started out as a rallying cry for Clippers players and fans after the Sterling scandal broke. Well, now the phrase is really catching fire. Shirts and hats with "We Are One" are being sold at NBA stores across the country with proceeds going to anti-discrimination charities.

Meanwhile, a new tape has surfaced that was recorded after the scandal broke. In the audio recording obtained by The Daily Mail Online, Donald Sterling claims that his purported mistress, V. Stiiviano is the racist, not him.

In the recording Donald can be heard saying, “She said ‘God made me black. I didn't want to be black. Do you know what it's like to wake up every day and wish you were white?’”

She would not comment on the claims as she left her house on Wednesday morning.

Johnson also says that Donald Sterling begged him to do a joint interview with Barbara Walters in a last ditch effort at saving his ownership of the Clippers. Johnson said no.