Fearless Feline Becomes America's Most Talked About Cat

Tara the cat saved her young owner's life when he was getting viciously attacked by a neighbors dog. Now, Tara is becoming the most-talked-about pet in America. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Tara the cat is the most famous pet in America. She is the fearless feline who came to the rescue of a four-year-old boy who was being mauled by a neighbor's dog and chased the vicious animal away. The courageous cat is being praised everywhere for her heroism.

Jimmy Kimmel proudly said, "A hero cat!"

Michael Strahan said on Good Morning America, “I think we should look at it one more time in slow motion, it really is incredible! 15 years in the NFL that is one of the best tackles.”

Tara was a stray who followed Erica Triantafilo home six years ago and never left. She has become very close to her little son, Jeremy, and when he was a baby she sometimes slept in his crib.

Erica told INSIDE EDITION, “If she had not been there the situation could have been worse. There could have been much more damage to his leg or he could have gone for something else.”

See What Else the Family Of the Hero Cat Told INSIDE EDITION

Panic and chaos could be heard in the just released 911 call made by the dog's owner.

Dog owner: “Get him out of here!”
911 operator: “Ma'am, do you need an ambulance?”
Dog owner: “Yes, please!”
911 operator: “We are going to get officers out as soon as we can. Stay on the line.”

Cats are traditionally afraid of dogs, so what made Tara so courageous?

Veterinarian Dr. Laurie Hess told INSIDE EDITION, "Cats certainly bond really closely with their owners and with their family members. Cats are also really territorial. So, in this case, this cat may have not only been protecting his family member, but also his territory."

Little Jeremy needed ten stitches. Mom was also bitten.

Erica’s husband said, “She jumped in, didn't care about her own safety and put him above all.”

Now, Jeremy knows he may owe his life to little Tara, saying, “She's my hero!”