Maserati Met Says He Leaked Donald Sterling Tapes

A rapper named Maserati Met, who used to run an escort service says he leaked new recordings of Donald Sterling. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's a new recording of embattled clippers owner Donald Sterling, and it's a shocker.

A man who goes by the name Maserati Met is coming forward to say he recorded secret tapes of Sterling, and brace yourself, as he reveals how they know each other.

On CNN Don Lemon asked, "How long have you known Donald Sterling and how did you meet him?"

"Phew! That's a good question," said Maserati Met.

Lemon asked, "In your previous life, you were involved in an escort service. Is that how you know Donald Sterling?"

"Correct. That's how I know him," answered Maserati Met.

"So, you introduced him to some ladies from time to time?" asked Lemon.

"Correct," he answered.

On the bombshell tapes, Sterling talks about V. Stiviano coming to his office two weeks after they met at the 2010 Super Bowl, and he says says she offered him sex right away.

"She said, 'Can we go and talk? I want to be your friend.' And I said, 'I don't need any friends.' And she said, 'Yeah, you need me. Is there any privacy here in this building?' So she takes me in a room and does her thing," said Sterling.

Sterling goes into some cringe worthy details, saying, "I'm telling you she was hot."

Immediately afterwards, Sterling says he walked Stiviano to her car, explaining, "I walked her to her car and she says, 'Well, what do you think? Do you think you need a friend?'"

He explains what he saw in her, saying, "Here's a poor girl, a Mexican girl. Never had anything in her life. Never had money. Never had food. Never had clothes. And I met her and she has a fabulous body and she loves to have sex and she's just fun. And I think what if I gave her some money. And what if I helped her. And what if I helped her family. God was good to me. I changed the whole family's life."

Maserati Met says he reached out to Sterling after those tapes of Sterling talking to Stiviano about Magic Johnson were made public. 

Met told CNN, "I just hit record. It was just something that I wanted to capture, to let people hear the real, the other side of Donald Sterling."

Maserati Met told CNN he has no regrets about taping his former friend. Don Lemon asked, "A friend wouldn't do that, but at this point, I guess you don't feel like you're a friend."

"No. We're not friends. Not at all. Not anymore," replied Met.