Mother Convicted Of Killing Her Teenage Kids Because They Were 'Sassy'

The shocking trial of Julie Schenecker came to an end after she was convicted of killing her teenage children. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Julie Schenecker is the mother convicted of murdering her teenage son and daughter for mouthing off at her.

Julie shot her 13-year-old son, Beau, and 16-year-old daughter, Calyx, in the head at their home in Tampa while her husband, an army colonel, was deployed in the Middle East.

Cops say she killed her kids because they were "sassy."

A detective asked her: "You shot him twice in the head?"
Julie: "Yeah."
Detective: "Ok."
Julie: "Because they were too sassy."

The defense argued that 53-year-old Julie was not guilty because she was insane.

A video showing her shaking uncontrollably on the day of her arrest had many questioning her mental state. During her trial, she yelled at a witness. And there was a bizarre moment, when she winked at someone in the court.

Army Colonel Parker Schenecker, who divorced his wife after the tragedy, recalled what his wife told him about their children's deaths, saying, "The defendant said to me when I saw her, ‘I guess I stomped your heart flat, huh?’"

Julie Schenecker was convicted Thursday, and rose to make a tearful statement, saying, "There are people who are affected by this that may have just read about it in the paper. Maybe a child looked at their mommy and said, 'Mommy, are you ever going to shoot me?' "

The judge immediately sentenced Julie to two concurrent sentences of life in prison without parole.