Idaho Gubernatorial Debate Goes Viral With Unusual Candidates

Idaho's gubernatorial debate went viral thanks to two unlikely candidates who had a lot to say, some of which couldn't be aired on TV. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It wasn't a Saturday Night Live sketch, but it sure looks like one. It was the televised debate between the candidates in the Republican gubernatorial primary in Idaho.

There was the buttoned-up incumbent Governor, Butch Otter and another guy in a business suit was his Tea Party opponent, Russ Fulcher.

But it's the two fringe candidates who are getting all the attention. A dude all in black is 60-year-old Harley Brown. And Walter Bayes is a father of 16 children.

Bayes said at the podium, "We've got a bunch of Eastern idiots running everything! But I honestly think half of the Republican party is Democrats and half of the Democratic party are Communists!"

Brown said at the podium, "Hey diddle diddle, right up the middle! That's my style! I've got a masters in raising Hell, ok?"

Brown continued to say, "I was living in Fat Jack's cellar because my ex-wife had given me a trumped up restraining order and I couldn't see my kids. It was a mess. Fat Jack's old lady. Fat Jack's wife said, 'Get this lunatic out of my cellar!' "

Bayes said, "I don't care about political correctness. If I am correct, that's the end of it."

The TV station airing the debate arranged for a 30-second delay because Harley Brown has a reputation for foul language and off-color jokes.

Brown said, "I don't like political correctness. Can I say this? It sucks. It's bondage. I'm about as politically correct as the proverbial turd in a punchbowl and I'm proud of it."

The two fringe candidates' wacky performances hijacked the debate and the video is going viral.

Would-be governor Harley Brown says the people's choice is clear, saying, "You have your choice folks. The cowboy, the biker, the curmudgeon, or a normal guy. Take your pick!"