83-Year-Old LA Man Survives Vicious Attack by 2 Neighborhood Dogs

Jimmy Lindsey lying in hospital bed

Jimmy Lindsey suffered from severed arteries and was airlifted to a hospital for emergency surgery.

A South LA man is in the hospital recovering from five surgeries following a vicious attack from two dogs outside his home.

Jimmy Lindsey, 83, was outside his home on Dec. 16 when two neighborhood dogs viciously attack him for over 30 minutes, according to a GoFundMe created to help pay for his recovery. 

"He walked out his house, off the porch, and he saw these dogs coming. They were running. He's not fearful. He sees them, and he believes they're gonna go by him, but they jump on him, and knock him down," Belynda Lindsey, the victim's daughter, told FOX 11 LA. 

"They (dragged) me back and forth across the lawn like a rag doll. I thought my life was over, yes I did," said the 83-year-old, ABC 7 reported.

A neighbor attempted to rescue Jimmy from the dogs but despite their efforts, the dogs were still there when the first responders arrived 30 minutes after the attack began, according to  FOX 11 LA.

Jimmy was then taken to a hospital and after a CT scan, it was determined he had severed arteries and had to be airlifted to a Level 1 trauma hospital for emergency surgery, said the GoFundMe.

While at the Level 1 trauma hospital, he was placed in an intensive care unit, then underwent another surgery in an attempt to repair wounds sustained in the attack. Jimmy was then transported to Kaiser, where he remains in recovery, according to the GoFundMe page.

"He's been undergoing wound care, and the doctor said we're not out of the woods yet to get his arm working. They said at minimum, [it will take] a year [to recover] because the tendons, the arteries, the muscle, the veins, all of this was exposed. My father is suffering from this pain all the time and my father was healthy. He was walking miles," Belynda told FOX 11 LA.

LA County Animal Control was dispatched during the attack and found one of the dogs but the owner refused to let them take it without seeing a court order, according to FOX 11 LA.

Belynda told ABC 7 that animal control assured her there will be a hearing about the future of the dogs.

"They are killers. They are horrendous type of animals. I wouldn't want no one, but no one to go through the pain I'm going through day after day," said Jimmy, ABC 7 reported.

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