Johnny Weir's Estranged Husband Says Olympian Attacked Him Again

Johnny Weir’s estranged husband, Victor Voronov speaks exclusively to INSIDE EDITION with claims that the Olympian attacked him, again.

Johnny Weir is facing explosive allegations. His husband claims the Olympic skater lost it and attacked him again.

Victor Voronov spoke exclusively to INSIDE EDITION and said Weir got physical with him at their New Jersey home on Saturday night and he was forced to call the cops.

He said, "I was terrified of him at that moment. He was red. He was red. All of the attacks came from his fingernails. He has long fingernails. Big fingernails, too. They all came from scratching."

Voronov showed INSIDE EDITION wounds all over his body that he said were inflicted by Weir. He had scratches on his legs, and an open wound on his hand.

So what happened?

He explained, "I said, 'If you don't leave me alone. I will call the police.' He would not leave me alone. I had my phone and I was trying to call the police. So, he attacked me to get the phone out of my hand."

Earlier this year, Weir's high-profile marriage broke up following Voronor's allegations that he was being abused. Just last month, Voronov told INSIDE EDITION that he and Weir were kaput.

But 12 days ago, on May 7th, Weir announced they had "Happily reconciled" and were putting the divorce on hold. Not any more.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "You told us, just last month, that you would never get back with him. What changed?"

"I thought, '100% no.' When he called me crying the day before the Kentucky Derby and said, 'Please fly out here and let's get through this,' I jumped on a plane. Aside from when I am terrified of him, he is someone that I love," Voronov said.