Stalking Accusations Emerge For Oregon Senate Candidate

Dr. Monica Wehby, who is hoping to win an Oregon Senate seat faces questions after just-released 911 tapes reveal her ex-boyfriend once accused her of stalking. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Dr. Monica Wehby is a respected pediatric neurosurgeon and is running for the U.S. Senate from Oregon.

But suddenly, Dr. Wehby has some tough questions to answer because she was accused of stalking by her ex-boyfriend.

The voice of Wehby's ex-boyfriend, lumber tycoon Andrew Miller, could be heard in a newly-released 911 call from April, 2013. He claimed Dr. Wehby came looking for him and entered his house through an unlocked door.

Miller told the 911 operator: "I had a relationship with her. The relationship has ended, and she's very, very upset and angry. I advised her to leave, and, you know, get out of the house. She wasn't welcome, she broke in. I said I was going to call the police and her response was, 'fine, go ahead, you've ruined my life.' "

In the police report, Miller claimed Dr. Wehby had been "harassing" his employees and "stalking" him, and that she "showed up at his home uninvited about five times within the last 10 days."

The stalking accusation has thrown a monkey wrench into the physician’s campaign as she ignored questions about it.

Dr. Wehby said in a statement that her relationship with Miller ended amicably, and that she's "not pleased that it's been deemed newsworthy."

Los Angeles County Deputy D.A. Rhonda Saunders is an expert on stalking. She told INSIDE EDITION, "The level that the doctor went to with this case, going to his house, entering his house uninvited. It is bad conduct. Whether that alone counts as stalking is questionable."

The alleged stalking victim says he's actually voting for Dr. Wehby, and he's sorry he ever called the cops! But as politicians like to say, it’s a matter of public record.

Also a matter of public record, Dr. Wehby was never charged or arrested in connection with that incident.