Johnny Weir Reacts To INSIDE EDITION's Interview with Ex-Husband

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively with Johnny Weir's ex-husband about his claims Weir attacked him. Now, Weir is reacting to the claims.

Johnny Weir is reacting today to INSIDE EDITION's exclusive interview with his estranged husband.

Victor Voronov says the Olympic commentator flew into a jealous rage when he posted a selfie on Facebook.

Voronov told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander, "It's just a picture of me at the gym, nothing inappropriate about it. But then, I get comments that say things like, 'Love your arms. Hot! You're so handsome, you don't need him.' "

"And that sets Johnny off?"asked Alexander.

"Yes," answered Voronov.

INSIDE EDITION's calls to Johnny Weir went unanswered, but he responded on Twitter: "Before you point your finger at me, try to do some fact checking. Speaking for myself, I keep my private struggles private."

Voronov is standing by his story. He says they were in marriage counseling but Johnny's volcanic temper doomed any chance they had.

"I have been terrified of him probably four or five times in our marriage, and this one was probably the most terrified I've been," said Voronov.