V. Stiviano Says She Never Had Sex With Donald Sterling

V. Stivano told Dr. Phil that she never had sex with embattled L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

V. Stiviano, the alleged mistress of Donald Sterling, told Dr. Phil that she never had sex with the embattled billionaire despite what Sterling and his wife, Rochelle, say.

Dr. Phil said, "A lot of people are being led to believe that you were in a sexual relationship with him. You are saying they are both wrong."

She said, "Absolutely. Not only are they both wrong, but they are lying. It is a lie. I know it's a lie. He knows it's a lie. She knows it's a lie."

Sterling, of course, said he had sex with her in that infamous audio recording where he said, "I mean she was hot. And I meet her. She's got a fabulous body and she loves to have sex and she's just fun."

Sterling also said Stiviano came to his office two weeks after they met and offered to have sex right away, saying, "She says, 'Can we go and talk? I want to be your friend.' and I said, 'I don't need any friends.' And she says, 'Yeah, you need me.' She says, 'Isn't there any privacy here in this building?' So she takes me into a room and does her thing."

She also told Dr. Phil, in an interview that airs on his show on Wednesday, that she had no qualms accepting expensive gifts from the Los Angeles Clippers owner.

Dr. Phil asked, "Did you ever think it was improper to accept these gifts from this married man?"

Stiviano said, "Absolutely not. Why would it be improper to accept gifts from a married man? And I wasn't accepting gifts from a married man, I was accepting gifts from my boss. I was accepting gifts from a person who was very generous. I was accepting gifts from a person I built a relationship with."