Al Gore's Limo Driver Was Former LAPD Officer In Rodney King Beating Video

In an unexpected twist of fate, the driver who picked up Al Gore at LAX was a former LAPD officer involved in the Rodney King incident. INSIDE EDITION has details.

Al Gore headed for his limo as he arrived at the airport in Los Angeles. But you'll never guess who his chauffeur turned out to be.

The guy helping the former Veep with his luggage was a central player in a notorious police scandal. He's one of the cops caught on tape in the infamous Rodney King beating video in 1991.

Stacey Koon, then a sergeant with LAPD, was acquitted of using excessive force at his first trial, leading to riots on the street. He was later tried in federal court for civil rights violations and was convicted, serving two years in jail.
He works for the limo company Music Express in Los Angeles. He's been a driver there since 2012.

Gore was actually serving as Bill Clinton's Vice President when Koon was convicted. What are the chances?