Malia Obama Learns How To Drive

Will Malia Obama learn to drive with the help of her parents, just like any teenager? INSIDE EDITION reports on the first family’s approach.

The first lady is putting the nation's capital on alert! Malia Obama turns 16 this summer and she'll be learning how to drive.

Michelle Obama said on The Tonight Show, “Ladies and gentlemen in D.C. watch out! Malia Obama on the road!”

Chelsea Clinton also turned 16 when her dad was president and he actually taught her how to drive.

On Live! with Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa asked the first lady, "Do you administer the driving lessons? Or would that be under the president regime?"

Michelle said, "It will be neither of us."

Former Secret Service agent Evy Poumpouras says Malia's driving lessons will be nothing like those of your average teen. Malia will be always flanked by a small army of Secret Service agents.

See What Else Poumpouras Told INSIDE EDITION

Poumpouras told INSIDE EDITION, “It is unlikely she will get your typical teen driving experience. You will have surrounding vehicles both in front and behind her. You will also have vehicles in the near vicinity, keeping an eye and making sure everything is okay. You will have that Secret Service presence inside her own vehicle as well. She won't be in there by herself."

Don’t expect to see Malia driving around Washington, D.C. in a flashy sports car.

Poumpouras said, “For the vehicle don't expect anything ostentatious. Something simple, something that can blend in."